A party night in Casco Viejo!

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About the party scene in Casco Viejo, the old town of Panama City. Where do you get the best cocktails in the city? Where is the hottest music played? Casco Viejo seeks to promote itself as the ideal destination for fun, themed parties, live shows and food fusion, exchanging ideas and moments between people of different cultures.

There are many places in Casco Viejo, whose accessibility varies on the visitor’s budget. Looking forward to all visitors to have a great time, we offer you some ideas of how to take the most advantage of your party night in Casco Viejo.

Casco Bar Hopping

This idea came out some years ago and is perfect for both foreigners and locals. It consists in a “passport” that can be purchased for $20 through mieventos.com or the contact number offered on @cascobarhopping. This “passport” can be used from Thursdays to Saturdays and allows visitors to enjoy from “La Ruta del Casco”, which includes 5 different variation of places amongst the participating sites: Casa bruja, Compadres Rooftop, La tapa del Frasco, El Social, Malecón, Santana, Espacio Panamá, Red Lion, Casa Jaguar, Pips, Gatto Blanco, La Buat, Aziza and more... The places may vary every 6 months depending on the season and availability of the locations, which is why they recommend staying tuned to their channels.

But “La Ruta del Casco” is not only about visiting 5 different locations on the weekends, it offers exclusive benefits like:

  • 5 drinks in the 5 different bars (one per location)
  • Free access to all the participating bars
  • 20% dicsount in dinner at Santana, Casa jaguar and Coyo Taco

Check-in is at 9:00 p.m in Red Lion, Casco Viejo.

Planning a trip independently

Casco Bar Hopping is a great idea for those visiting for the first time or visitors with little time to plan their own trip, but Casco Viejo has a wide variety of options so you can try something new every weekend, besides the locations previously mentioned.

First, it’s recommended to decide what to do in the trip since bars and discotheques are both offered. If looking for a more intimate and relaxing evening, with good drinks and a great environment, we recommend visiting the bars in Casco Viejo. Most of them offer dishes as well and have special promotions on the weekends. Social media is a great way to keep informed of each location’s special promotions.

If looking for a typical crazy party night, Casco Viejo is as well the perfect place for it. With their variety in discotheques, choose to enjoy of a reggae or electronic night, or enjoy in one place the best of both.

Every once and then, Casco Viejo offers special events, besides the regular promotions for the weekends. We recommend staying informed about them in our Events section.   

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