Boquete: What to do in the rainy season

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We'll give you some tips and ideas for things to do and how to plan your Boquete activities during the rainy season.

Boquete is one of the highlights on every Panama trip. However, most of the year there is rainy season and often tourists are irritated by the large amounts of rain. So here are the best tips on how to best plan your stay in the rainy season:

Outdoor activities are better in the mornings

Usually you wake up in Boquete with sunshine. This depends a little on the exact district, since there are so-called "microclimates" through the mountainous landscape. This means that the weather can be very different, even if there are only a few miles between two different weather zones. So it can be stormy and rainy in the higher, but only 2-3 miles away "Alto Boquete", while in "Downtown" the sun is shining.

During the rainy season from April to December, we recommend planning outdoor activities in Boquete only in the mornings. Get up early and do everything until 1-2pm. In the afternoon, when it often storms and it rains like a bucket, you can make yourself comfortable in one of the many cozy cafes, restaurants or in the hotel. Note that there may be more power and Internet outages during this time in Boquete.

Do not forget your rainwear

If you plan to hike, or just walk outside, you should definitely have good rain gear with you. In Boquete itself it is difficult to find rain or outdoor clothing. Even with good weather in the morning, you can be surprised in the mountains by some heavy rain showers.

Top things to do in Boquete

Here are the top things to do during the rainy season in Boquete:

Coffee Tour with "Finca 2 Jefes"

This coffee tour is unique. The "Finca dos Jefes" was visited by our editorial team and is therefore highly recommended. In the very friendly tour on a beautiful finca with great plants, you learn all about the coffee production, and learn how to roast coffee. Of course, a tasting of different types of coffee is included. Read more about it here!

The Lost Waterfalls

The "Lost Waterfalls" is a private trail of medium difficulty. The trail can be done by any physically healthy person and offers wonderful mountain views and great waterfalls to touch, or even swim. Here comes the full magic of the mountain worlds of Boquete to light. Important: If you want to see the sun's rays shine through the jungle, you should get up early and best start the trail before 9 in the morning. In the afternoon parts of the trail become partly muddy and slippery.

Los Cangilones de Gualaca

The "Los Cangilones de Gualaca" is a large column in a surreal appearing Rock Glade in the jungle of Gualaca. The location is about 25 miles from Boquete, so we strongly recommend a rental car. The journey takes about 40-50 minutes from Boquete Downtown. During the rainy season you can chill out here in the morning and take a dip in the cool river water. The place is natural and there is only a garbage bin. There is no shop, no restaurant or other offers. Also, one is responsible for the safety itself. However, we talk about safety while swimming. The place itself is safe and relaxed. Many locals meet tourists here and have fun together. But when the river starts to move due to heavy rains, it can also be dangerous. The so-called "water head" can come unexpectedly fast. The water is flushed through the strong afternoon rain to the crevice and creates a strong current that can be dangerous! This happens only occasionally, and if you go there in the morning and there was no rain before or during your stay, most likely nothing will happen.

Visit the islands of Boca Chica

Boca Chica in the Gulf of Chiriqui: Simply take the boat from the mainland to secluded islands with white sandy beaches, just relax 100%. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean, looking for shells and just enjoying the sun, the palm trees and the sea ... Depending on the season, this can also be combined with a whale watching tour.


Join an event at the Boquete Library

The Boquete Library hosts regular events, such as this classical concert. From classical music, to scientific events, to children's theater or dance performances. Everything is possible. Just visit the library's Facebook page or website to find the latest events:

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