Editor’s pick: 5 best hotels in Panama City

There are lots of options of hotels, hostals, Airbnb, and so on inside of Panama City. Some visitors encounter experiences which are not that good to remember. In any place of the world it can happen that a misinformation leads to a bad moment, which is why it’s important to be clear on all the details regarding the stay and check directly with the hotel if some concerns or doubts are presented.

But, don’t get us wrong, most visitors are usually happy with their experience and find themselves wishing to travel back to Panama City. However, we know it’s hard to make a decision when they are so many options, reason why we leave you a special advice: our recommendation of the 5 best hotels in Panama City.

Hotel El Panama

Hotel El Panama offers since 1951 an excellent quality of service and comfort within their commodities. This hotel is especially convenient for those who seek to be near all the important business and party areas. Ten minutes from the hotel, in walking distance, is “El Cangrejo” which offers a good selection of restaurants and nice bars for a good relaxed time in the night. A bit further, 20 minutes away from the hotel area is “Cinta Costera”, that offers delicious seafood and “Casco Viejo”, which is the best spot in Panama for a party night.  

This hotel has the biggest pool in Panama City and offers a varied selection of courses for breakfast and lunch. This makes this hotel one of the favorites for events and business reunions.

Sheraton Grand

This modern hotel provides convenient access to an assortment of the most notable locations in all of Panama City. It’s only 30 minutes away from Tocumen International Airport through the “Corredor Sur” and next to Atlapa Convention Center, where big festivals are celebrated.

Sheraton Grand’s restaurant has exquisite dishes at affordable prices and a good portion. The pool is big and quiet and with a relaxing environment which includes private mini cabins on the sides, to have a nice drink after swimming.

This could be considered one of the best places to stay in the middle of the city, bay view, nice landscape of skyscrapers and an amazing night life near you.

Riande Airport Hotel

This hotel allows you to bring your dog and uses renewable energy!

This hotel is just 5 minutes away from the airport. With a beautiful pool and exquisite restaurant, invites all visitors and travelers to stay in this little paradise. Traveling with a dog can be complicated because of many things, including most hotels’ policies of no pets, but in Riande they don’t know this way of discrimination. You and your furry friend are kindly welcome to enjoy their commodities. The staff is astonishingly nice and dedicated and the restaurant serves good food, with fair portions.

This is the best option if you are spending a family weekend and expect quietness, far from all the city noise, and just a good place to enjoy your day.

RIU Hotel

The RIU hotel is well-known because of its conference rooms and auditoriums which many businesses inside Panama use. This is because of their high professionalism and impeccability of the hotel. But make no mistakes, their service is not only for businesses, they also take perfect care of their regular guests and offer quality to those who decided to invest their time and money in a stay at this hotel.

With a large and delicious buffet, with more than a 100 options for food, it attracts many visitors and locals that wish a good breakfast. Afterwards, guests often spend the morning in the pool, which has a good size for and is children friendly (not too deep).

RIU is located in the middle of the city, very close to the previously mentioned party area “Casco Viejo”. Also, it’s in front of the famous Karaoke 50, a karaoke bar which we recommend. This karaoke has a wide selection of rock, tropical music, reggae and music from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It’s suitable for people of all ages and tastes in music, however it’s more common to find people more into rock and salsa music. But it’s not necessary to go outside if looking for a nice bar! The hotel offers good quality bars with delicious drinks for fair prices.

The Westin Panama

The Westin Panama is located in Costa del Este, which is a quiet place in Panama City. The reason why this hotel is located on the first place is because of its standing customer service and staff. Since the moment we entered the driving space with the valet parking, an atmosphere of genuine friendliness surrounded us. In this opportunity we got the reservation through a third-party (which are usually cheaper). In some hotels, if you reserve through third-party companies, it can happen that they deliver less quality of commodities or even service from the staff, but this was not the case of The Westin Panama hotel. They even assisted us, very kindly, with a crib, which we didn’t know had to be requested in advance.

The rooms are spacious and comfy. The breakfast is varied and have perfect options for little children. The meal includes coffee, juice or a selection of teas. The pool is not too big but has enough space for guests. It’s on the highest floor, which delights visitors with a great view of Panama City. This also makes it the perfect place for casual events which brings more visitors to this lovely place.

With this 5 hotels’ recommendation you are ready to visit Panama and book the hotel best fitting to your interests. Coming alone, with family or pets, Panama City opens its doors for you. 

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