What you always wanted to know about the Panama hat!

We are going to reveal the secrets of the Panama hat! After reading this article, you will know everything about the Panama hat and its history.

The Panama hat does not come from Panama!

Let's start with the most shocking fact. The Panama hat actually does not come from Panama, but was first made in Ecuador.

Napoleon, Hemingway and even the Muslims loved the Panama Hat

In addition to other well-known personalities, even Napoleon or Hemingway loved wearing Panama hats. But not only that: Founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, prohibited the men from wearing traditional oriental headgear in favor of hats by hat law in 1925; his first headgear was, guess what, a panama hat.

Origin in headgear for Spanish women

The word "toquilla" for the leaf fibers used in the production, comes from the Spanish. At the time of the conquest of South America, this was a common headgear for women in Spain.

But why is it called Panama hat?

The wrong designation of origin of the "Panama hat" is due to various events. The first confusion between the real country of origin of Ecuador and Panama took place in 1855 when Napoleon III. manufactured sombrero de paja toquilla was embarked in Panama. For the French, Panama was considered the origin of this type of hat.

The customs stamp is to blame

In the 19th century, goods that were produced in South America without the involvement of companies based in the United States were not allowed to be imported into the United States directly from the countries of origin. The central collection and customs office for their USA import was Panama. Therefore, all of these hats had the Panama stamp. The hat was therefore simply called "panama hat" in the USA. This term then prevailed in several languages.

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