IFF International Film Festival

Panama City - Teatro Balboa, Ancon
IFF Panama exists thanks to the immense passion felt by the Panamanian public towards the cinema. It is the audience of this country, always open to exchange with all the nations of the world, which marked the birth of the festival in 2012 and which has made it grow by recognizing it and supporting it as an essential cultural nutrient.
Address: Teatro Balboa, Ancon
City: Panama City
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As for Central America and the Caribbean, IFF Panama exists to show the world a developing filmography, with a commitment to its own genuine taste that promises a new and fresh global offer. That's what First Look manages, the industry section of the festival, destined to benefit the culmination of Central American and Caribbean films.

The partnership between IFF Panama and the Marché du Film de Cannes completes the launching platform for this new cinema in the international arena.

Since the eighth edition of the International Film Festival of Panama has announced the incorporation of new cinemas, including a fifth room in Cinépolis Multiplaza, equipped with cutting-edge technology. The main venue of the Festival is kept in the emblematic Balboa Theater.

Additionally, the “Mirador del Pacífico” in the “Cinta Costera 2” will continue to be one of the most attractive outdoor places to enjoy different movies during the week of the Festival.

Each one of these venues brings a different cinematographic experience to the spectators, from the hand of the best selection of tapes worldwide.

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