Chiriqui Province, Panama

The province of Chiriqui has approximately 6,490.9 km² and 420,000 inhabitants. It is also the province in Panama, where the highest point of the country is at 3,477 meters: the breathtaking "Volcan Barú".

Chiriqui province is considered a natural paradise inside Panama Republic, being well known because of its big mountains and surrounding volcanos, as well as its coffee with export quality.

This is an area with lots of places worth seeing, to easily cover most of them, they are commonly divided in two major regions: Highlands and Low lands.


These include fascinating places like Volcan Baru, which is the highest point in Panama and the highest volcano in southern Central America, with a height of 3475 meters above sea level, that makes it possible to spot the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean on a clear day.

These characteristics, alongside the wonderful view it offers, turn Volcan into a must-do trip. There’s two ways to get to Volcan Baru: through Volcan in Bugaba (which is a trip to be done by foot only) or Boquete, which offers the possibility to get to the top of the volcano in an average of 30 minutes using a 4x4 car.

Boquete is the most famous district in Chiriqui province. Here it’s celebrated the annually “Feria de las flores y el café” (Flowers and coffee fair), since this place offers a diversity of coffee farms, flowers and breathtaking nature views the whole year. Boquete also offers a tour through the famous hanging bridges, that limits with the international park La Amistad, in which you can easily see exotic birds as quetzals and harpy eagles.  

Once in Highlands, visitants and locals recommend Cerro Punta, to try the traditional strawberries with cream.

Low lands

With a warmer temperature, but also fascinating views, low lands in Chiriqui offer a variety of rivers, beaches and islands.

Here it's located David, capital of Chiriqui and one of the most important cities in Panama (after Panama City), where you can find all kind of stores and restaurants. David is known for being the exit point to travel onwards Costa Rica.

Considering all the beach options, people finds Isla Palenque or La Barqueta to be a refreshing, interesting choice. However, everyone’s favorite is Islas Secas, even if it’sa trip harder to conquer. Islas Secas trips part from Boca Chica, 40 minutes away from David. This experience offers the opportunity to go through 14 islands in the Pacific coast with crystal waters and white sand. The “Whale watching season”, between July and October, makes this destination an unforgettable visit.

Nature life, exotic animals sight-seeing and delicious culinary experiences, awaits for all those visiting Chiriqui.

Photo by Fran Hogan