Cocle Province, Panama

The province of Cocle borders the province of Panama in the east. Both tourists and locals, have visiting Cocle in their bucket list. A date to have in mind, in which you can enjoy Cocle’s major celebration, is October 13th to 19th in the district La Pintada, where it’s held the “Festival del Sombrero Pintao”. This celebrates traditions of the Cocle province with colorful, handmade hats that tells the stories of its people.

Connecting with nature

Once in Cocle, 50 km to the east is “Valle de Anton”, home of the famous “La India Dormida” mountain, a great reason to visit this location. When heading there, visitants must be prepared for an extensive hiking session; lots of water to stay hydrated is recommended, as well as comfortable clothing.

Encountering the “Rana Dorada” in its natural habitat is the second most valuable reason to consider visiting Valle de Anton. This small amphibian is a species that is known to be in danger of extinction. The “Arboles Cuadrados” are an interesting work of nature that can be found in the way around this valley; these are, as the name suggests, trees whose trunks have a perfect square shape. And don’t forget to go into hot springs once in there, to refresh from the long walk.

If planning to go a little bit deeper into this province, nature lovers recommend “El Cope”, a nice little town with breathtaking waterfalls and roads that are perfect for trekking in the company of a wide variety of birds. “El Cope” also offers horse rides, canopy and other activities to enjoy its surroundings.

Closer to the City 

When returning to Panama City, one last stop is “Parque Nacional Campana”, which was the first national park created in Panama. This place has beautiful views and is close to the beaches of Chame, perfect for visiting with family or friends.

Happy people, traditional breakfasts, a variety of nature and exotic species make Cocle a province worth to be visited every once in a while.