Colon Province, Panama

Colon province is one of the few provinces in the republic that offers access to the Caribbean Sea in Panamanian territory. It’s mostly known for offering the biggest free zone in the continent. Colon has precious places that are worth visiting to know more of the Panamanian development and history.

Biggest free zone in the continent

Thanks to its geographical position, this province offers to the world the Zona Libre de Colon or “Colon Free Zone”, a place in which you can buy tax free products. It’s especially convenient for people from South and Central America, since the prices found here are way cheaper than in their countries. The place is nothing like a shopping mall. Don’t expect to find the finest restaurants or structural design. This free zone is basically a gather of small shops with good prices.

Canal expansion Agua Clara

Not only in Panama City is possible to watch the Canal. Colon province contains the newest lock built for the Panama Canal, as part of the expansion project. This new lock offers a complete vision of the Canal and the Gatun lake.

It’s surrounded by exuberant, green, wild nature. While in there is possible to watch ships passing by the canal. Most visitors are delighted at the mechanism used to make huge ships go through the locks. All these steps are explained in Multilanguage, which makes the tour friendly for most visitors. The tour has an average price of $15.

Portobelo National Park

Portobelo is full of stories back from the days of Panama in the colonial era, leaderized by Spain. The town was named after Cristobal Colon’s 4th travel. As an intend to protect the city from pirates attacks, the fort was built. This place is approximately 30 minutes away from the city of Colon; also offers a variety of flora and fauna in its surroundings.

Panama Canal Railway

This railway is the only train in the world that allows you to go from one ocean to another in an hour. The train departs from the station in Panama City in a schedule from Monday to Friday at 7:15 a.m. The only train back from Colon to Panama is scheduled at 5:15 p.m. This has special seats for visitants with a pleasant view through a crystal roof to the beautiful landscape. On the sides are the Caribbean jungle, Miraflores locks and the artificial lake Gatun.

Chagres National Park

Formed by tropical forests and rivers that provide enough water for the Chagres river and Gatun lake, responsible of the proper functioning of Panama Canal. Only in Panamanian lands, like this natural park, can be spotted the bird “carpenter”, a unique species that lives in trees and works wood like carpenters, to build their houses. Here can also be seen harpy eagles (panama’s national bird), jaguars and white deers.

Colon is the history of Panamanian economy, the key to worldwide trading and the land of precious species residing in this magical country.