Herrera Province, Panama

Herrera province holds the spirit of the former Panamanian culture. Highly influenced by Spain colonial time. This is a place to visit with a mindset of learning a lot about Panama first years as a Republic.

The only desert in the Panama republic

In Herrera, the most famous location is the national park Sarigua, also known as “Desierto del Sarigua”. It is located in the coast of the gulf of Parita. In this desert remains the oldest Pre-Columbian indigenous village in Panama. Exotic animals as alcedines birds, scorpions, pelicans and grasshoppers can be found while walking the arid soil of Sarigua.

A province loyal to its traditions

In Herrera, as the traditions are highly significant to its locals, are celebrated many festivities throughout the year. These keep the spirit and culture of “herreranos” alive.

The well-known Corpus Christi, a catholic tradition, is held 60 days after Easter Sunday, regularly on the month of June to celebrate the Eucharist. In Ocu, district characterized for its love to folklore and the Panamanian national costume, visitors are delighted during the annual Fair "San Sebastian" in which inhabitants of Ocu, show their artistic gifts. They present their work in traditional Panamanian pieces as "polleras", "montunos", "sombrero pintao" and mud crafts.

The carnivals are one of the most expected traditions by all Panamanians, especially from those living in other provinces. This province, as well as Los Santos, is famous for giving exceptional carnivals, reason why they expect lots of visitors during this time of the year. Panamanian carnivals consist of "culecos" (large water tanks with which people are sprinkled, normally during the morning and early hours of the afternoon to counteract the warm weather of the tropics) and parades with women in elegant dresses on top of trucks decorated with typical scenes of their customs.

Innovation in Panamanian cuisine

In Pese, is the farm "San Isidro". There are produced the national liquors: "Seco Herrerano" and "Ron Abuelo", which have a high demand in the whole country. This farm offers a tour through the cane fields with an estimated price of $70 dollars per person. The tour takes approximately 6 hours. During the trip can be observed the juice of the cane, the mezzanines and fermentation process of the juice, and at last, the enormous aging cellars, where the rum is aged in oak barrels.

The tour also includes tasting of the rums produced in this location.

The artisan bread of "La Arena" in Chitre is a product that all Panamanians know. These are made in La Arena cafe and exported to all provinces of Panama. The bread is small and crunchy, ideal for snacks or sides in dishes

Herrera province is known as “the city where no one is a stranger”. This saying invites visitors from all over the world. In Herrera you can expect their warm-hearted people, famous artisan bread and interesting landscapes not expected to be seen in any other region of Panama, to captivate your heart.

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