Los Santos

Los Santos Province, Panama

Los Santos is a small province, with well-preserved typical Panamanian traditions. “Santeños” are known as fishers, which is why the little houses closer to the beach conserve a rural appeal, easily noticed by all visitors. In the streets of Los Santos are found many restaurants that offer a taste of the traditional Panamanian foods. Visitors are often fascinated by the Panamanian unusual breakfast, which includes lots of corn and fried food.  

They are often compared to the people of Herrera, since they share many similarities and a deep love for folklore and their Panamanian roots.

The "capital" Las Tablas

This is the capital of Los Santos province. Well-known for its marvelous carnivals, which give visitors an insight of its people. Las Tablas offers a mix between urban and rural style. Captivating the essence of the traditional countryside but offering more advanced service and quality of their products to locals and many visitors.

Scheduling a trip is recommended for the months of February-March, in which are typically celebrated Panamanian carnivals. In this festivity the streets are full of enthusiastic “santeños” getting ready for the parades. Carnival of Las Tablas is often celebrated as in Herrera province.

The heart of Los Santos Province

The city Los Santos is a treasure for all the habitants of this province, since here the most important event of the whole town was held: The Independence movement by Rufina Alfaro (“Grito de Independencia de la Villa de Los Santos”). Reason why they are characterized for keeping structural designs from the colonial decades.  

In Los Santos you can visit the “Museum of Nationality”, inaugurated on November 10th of 1974, by the former president of Panama Omar Torrijos Herrera, located in Los Santos’ Old Town. This museum was founded to commemorate the heroic acts during the movements to initiate the Independence of Panama From Spain. The museum has a Schedule of Tuesday to Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a price of $1.00, adults and 0.25 children.

Important dates to keep in mind 

“Feria de Azuero” in April and May. This is celebrated in “La Villa de los Santos”. The main focus is towards theagricultural, commercial, craft, industrial and cultural sectors. Generating economic movement and promoting the Azuero region during the trade fair period.

Several activities are carried out in which is highlighted the equine and bovine trial, followed by the canine contest. The Traditional Cavalcade through the main streets of La Villa de Los Santos and inside the grounds of the fair, is also an activity highly requested by all visitors and locals.

In the district of Guarare, land of folklore and tradition, is held one of the most important festivals in Panama: “Festival Nacional de la Mejorana”. During the month of September proud “santeños” gather to offer a beautiful show and sight of Los Santos province. Attendees are delighted by various musical contests like accordion, violin and guitar. Also, they can enjoy beautiful folkloric Panamanian dances.

Keeping their traditions and religions very much alive, as their “sister” Herrera province, they celebrate Corpus Christi during the month of June.

Panamanian Holidays

During Panamanian national holidays, this province is highly visited on November 10th, because of Rufina Alfaro’s brave act on 1821. For “santeños” past traditions are still alive.

The treasure of Pedasi

A little town, with lots of foreigners living amongst them. Many found this place by looking for the quietness of a nice and friendly town, others as businessmen. In Pedasi you still live between traditional people, keeping their customs alive, but also with a high influence of the people living closer to the beaches, more relaxed and modern.

The closest beach is 10 minutes away from town: “Playa El Toro”. Other options are offered, depending on the requirements of the visitor. With peaceful waves and a quiet sea, mostly for those traveling in family, are beaches like “Playa Garita” or “La Playita”. With more raged waves, for those who enjoy activities like Surfing, is “Playa Venao”. It became famous on 2011 thanks to the International Surf Competition, in which more than 40 foreigners countries participated.

Also, from June to October you can witness whale watching, a memorable spectacle.

Colonial villages, beaches, rivers, museums, festivals, crafts, culture and folklore are what you can find from La Villa de Los Santos to Tonosi and Macaracas.