Panamá West

West Panama Province, Panama

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about West Panama province are beach houses and weekends trips with friends. But more than a touristic place, this province is becoming from the last 10 years, Panama’s second most important city, with the higher concentration of population and businesses.

International Business

In West Panama is Panama Pacific, which is a logistic portal in the republic. This place has contributed significantly to Panama beholding to this moment a 105 multinational companies, that not only grows the economy of the country, but offers over 2,000 job positions to locals and foreigners residing in Panama. Companies like Grainger, Dell and Caterpillar, are the biggest found in this area. But Panama Pacific is not only a place for working; for people looking for a quiet place with a touch of nature near to the city, this is the best option.

Beaches in every corner

In West Panama province there’s a wide variety of beaches to choose from, the most famous ones are in Punta Chame district. If going South, there’s options for beaches for the more extreme tastes. Is common to see windsurfing, kiteboarding and regular surfing in these waters. If heading North, is more common to find people just enjoying the sun and the quietness of the sea to spend a nice day.

San Carlos and Santa Clara are two other very well-known towns that have entrance to the beach. In these towns lots of foreigners and Panamanians have beach houses which makes this beaches be more private than the ones in Chame. In fact, to some beaches you are only allowed in if you are a resident or go with a resident in your trip. These towns are also popular for hosting many visitors, to which they offer camps for big groups and hotels with attractive prices.

Coronado is the last most relevant town when it comes to beach houses. This option offers more sophisticated places than the towns mentioned previously and is usually the first stop for all traveling through Panama Republic.

Second main city after Panama City

West Panama is basically considered an extension of Panama City, because of its jobs opportunities and house projects offered, mainly in La Chorrera. For locals, unless having a job in the city, it’s not really necessary to leave, since this province has everything needed. This province also has one of the biggest malls in the country, so visitors definitely don’t need to leave West Panama for buying essentials. This province has everything needed.