Veraguas Province, Panamá

Veraguas province holds hidden jewels and interesting destinations for most visiting Panama. From surfing beaches, to great areas for camping and natural parks to see more of Panama’s notorious diversity. This is the only province in panama with coast on both seas: Atlantic and Pacific.

Camping in nature

La Yeguada is one of the favorite places for camping in Panama republic. It’s a forest reserve open for all visitants in which they can either just be in contact with nature and observe the wild animals that reside there or go for a swim in the lagoon. The price for a spot to camp is below five dollars that include drinkable water and restrooms.

Surfing experience as never before

Santa Catalina offers an incredible beach for surfing with tempting waves, especially during the months of January and June. Thanks to its crystal-clear beaches, it’s also a good destination for diving between the incredible species held in the depth of Veraguas province’s waters. This town has cheap restaurants and hotels convenient for planning a stay.

World’s heritage

National park Coiba was declared world heritage by Unesco in 2005. Visits have to be scheduled through the Ministry of Environment. The best way to get there is through Santa Catalina. Once in Coiba, visitors can do many activities as snorkeling, hiking, diving and enjoying guided tours to enjoy the view of nature and biodiversity that offers Coiba Island, which is the biggest island found on Panamanian lands.

Aquatic park Italia Guadalupe

In Santiago, next to La Hacienda hotel is the aquatic park Italia Guadalupe with a Schedule of 10a.m. to 5p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. It has a cost of only $10 per person, and children below 3 years old enter free. This park is ideal for family trips to refresh from the tropical weather of Veraguas.

Hidden treasure Pixvae

Pixvae has become more popular in the last couple of years, since it’s on the way to the highly visited Coiba. However, it’s not officially a touristic place, so the way in is not easy. To visit this town is needed a 4x4 car or to use the intern buses designated for this area. The fact that this is a place hard to reach might be what contributes more to its “hidden” status. In the seas of this island there’s sighting of dolphins and whales during the summer.

Clear waters in both coasts, soft sand, adventures with an amazing nature view, and friendly locals await in this piece of land.